So, what is the situation of Satanic literature today? Clearly it's a niche market still, and that's as it should be for now. Yet it seems that the overall response is not so fanatically opposing as it was just a short time ago. Also, slowly but surely people are coming to see that the Satanic Bible is not the only one, nor in any ways orthodox or a perfect example of the said literature. What do you think about publishing & marketing? It seems that so far there are at least two major categories: The very expensive "rarity of the item itself reflects the rare content" school, and a "paperback fantasy books" school, which publishes cheap books which people can read for kicks, not truly believing in them. Would there be need for other schools, or are there actually such present already? Can any of you actually buy Satanic literature in your hometown's bookshops? I leave the topic consciously open to many different aspects or approaches. The thing might be yet so close to us (both in time & in philosophy/practice) that it is not easy to take an outsider's view on things, but let's see what we can come up to.

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